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3 Easy Steps to Enjoying our 2020 VIRTUAL Morning Glory Brunch!

Step 1: Visit the Food and Beverage page where you can find restaurants to order your tasty bites from! (Don't forget to check out our Signature Cocktail recipe!)

Step 2: Set your table and set up your online viewing party! 

Step 3: Eat, Drink, and HAVE FUN as you discover all this virtual event has to offer! See new video messages; relive the event with past pictures; listen to our 2020 musical line up from 3 “virtual stages”; share your recipes; shop online; DONATE, and so much more!  

Send us your Virtual Party Pictures to CMoore@stmsc.org!

Remember, this is a temporary closure due to COVID-19 and we still need your support for our 2020 programs as we shift to provide online programming for them and maintain our campus!

~About Us~


For 50 years . . .

St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center (SMSC) has helped people with developmental disabilities, their families and communities, discover, explore, and nurture potential – giving thousands a chance to live life to the fullest. The Center truly provides a “Life Program” that allows students to learn and grow, and enjoy friendships and social activities throughout their lives. Students come to SMSC’s five-acre campus in the foothills of El Cajon, California, daily to learn or upgrade marketable skills, develop creative outlets, earn an income, make new friends, and gain a sense of independence and self esteem. This “Life Program” includes recent high-school graduates to seniors in their 80s.


St. Madeleine Sophie’s Centerserves individuals with deavelopmental disabilities through nationally recognized innovative programs. We combine our culture of care and creativity within quality programs to provide liberal arts education, practical skills development, employment, and dignity for a lifetime.



Our goal is to raise $50,000 for our Garden and Aquatics Programs fiscal year 2020 as we continue to maintain our campus, switch gears to provide online programming, and eagerly await the return of our students.


Donate the amount of a ticket to Morning Glory Brunch. 


Donate the amount of purchasing a Family of Frogs. 


Donate the amount of a Couples Package for Morning Glory Brunch. 

Other Amount

Large or small your gift will provide reassurance to our future programs during tumultuous times.

Notice: You will be redirected to our main website Stmsc.org to complete your donation

Our Opportunity Drawing has concluded. Thank You for participating!

Visit the Opportunity Drawing page for the full list of winners. 


~Contact Us~

2119 E. Madison Ave. El Cajon, CA 92019

stmsc.org  |  Tel: 619.442.5129

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